Whisper Wash Pro 28" Big Guy

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Big Guy 28 inch Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner provides bigger surface coverage to save you time and deliver higher quality on large surfaces.It is standard for the WW2800 Big Guy to come with the 2-tip bar. Purchase and install the 4-tip bar separately.Durability is provided by the powder coated aluminum and steel axle, as well as the resilient cleaning brush that ensures to limit the water to the applied surface and not the operator.The swivel has enough power to utilize either two or four tip spray bar, due to its self lubricating twin thrust bearings.


Requires: 5.5 10 GPM and for use with: 18 HP or Larger Gasoline Engines in Hot & Cold Water Applications. Lightweight Aluminum Cover, Powder Coated Stainless Steel for Durability, and can clean 28 inches at once.Can be used with either 2-tip or 4-tip spray bar but standardly 2-tip spray bar nozzles: 25025. Saves time over cleaning by wand only. Weighs 41 Lbs