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Show Time protects all vinyl and rubber surfaces for long periods. When used as directed, Show Time will not harm or damage any surface. When used on a regular basis, your vinyl and rubber surfaces should last for years without showing deterioration. It will help negate the effects of ultraviolet light thereby retarding fading of pigment color and prevention of dryness.


For first time treatment: clean all the vinyl.with a soft wet cloth. Buff dry with soft cloth. Allow to air dry before starting Show Time treatment. Either spray Show Time directly onto vinyl and rub in with soft cloth or dqmpen a soft cloth with Show Time. using the soft cloth, spread Show Time evenly over the area to be treated using overlapping strokes. Continue to keep cloth damp by rewetting with Show Time. After all surfaces are coated, allow to air dry for 5-10 minutes before use. To keep vinyl and rubber looking new and resilient, recoat surfaces every two weeks with Show Time. Areas to protect with Show Time are plastic trim and door guards, plastic bumpers, plastic grills, plastic grills, plastic trim around windows, plastic housing for rear view side mirrors and plastic shield under the windshield wiper arms.