SandStorm Concrete Remover

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SANDSTORM is the Ready Mix industry's original heavy-duty concrete dissolver. SANDSTORM is a liquid compound specifically formulated to remove built-up concrete from equipment associated with the Ready Mix industry. SANDSTORM attacks concrete at the molecular level and returns it to mud without the use of harsh acids. SANDSTORM can be used as a heavy-duty concrete dissolver without any neutralization. SANDSTORM can be used to remove heavy build-up of concrete in twenty minutes or less. The action of SANDSTORM not only removes concrete but also removes old rust and oxides during the cleaning process. Use on problem areas such as hopper areas, back rings, chutes, and pedestals. SANDSTORM is so safe, it can be used on any surface, including glass, aluminum, chrome, rubber, plastic, or paint.


Apply SANDSTORM undiluted with a sprayer or conventional brushing to surfaces to be cleaned. Allow 5-10 minutes contact time and then re-apply keeping the surface wet with SANDSTORM. After approximately 20 minutes total contact time, brush to remove heavier build-up. Rinse thoroughly. Heavy build up on neglected or un-assigned trucks can be eliminated by washing in the usual manner then applying truck cleaner again on build-up only and allow to react. Brush affected areas the following day and use a putty knife or scraper where necessary, repeat the process daily for several days until all build-up is removed. SANDSTORM should not be used on the cabs of trucks as the regular truck cleaner, but may be used on occasion to remove cement dust and splatter. Rinse completely. For regular maintenance, use Power Kleen's Right Off" products.