Right Off Truck Wash

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Right Off can be used as a daily truck wash to remove built-up concrete without any neutralization. Using Right Off as a daily wash will eliminate all rusting issues on your equipment. The phosphoric action removes old rust and oxides, and conditions the metal so that no new rust is created during the cleaning process. Right Off doubles as an excellent grease and road film remover. Right Off includes detergents for degreasing, corrision inhibitors, optical brighteners, foaming agents, and water softners.


Dilute 1 part RIGHT OFF to 2 parts water in a 5 gallon bucket and apply to surfaces to be cleaned. Allow 2-3 minutes contact time and then brush all areas thoroughly. Apply again, let stand and brush again to remove heavier build up. When cleaning greasy areas allow contact time and brush as you would for cement removal. Rinse throughly. Heavy build-up on neglected or un-assigned trucks can be eliminated by washing in the usual manner then applying truck cleaner again on build-up only and allow to react. Brush affected areas the following day and use a putty knife or scraper where necessary, repeat the process daily for several days until all build-up is removed. RIGHT OFF should not be used on the cabs of trucks as the regular truck cleaner, but may be used on occasion to remove cement dust and splatter. Rinse completely.