Music City Truck Wash

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Music City Truck Wash Dual Purpose as a truck wash cleaner: is designed to safely clean as a truck wash. The polished aluminum and painted surfaces of over the road tractors, trailers, and other types of commercial vehicles. This product will remove magnetic road film from trailers without brushing. Music City Truck Wash Dual Purpose as a Degreaser is very effective in hot or cold water applications. It is also an excellent pre-spray for use on extremely difficult degreasing jobs, cleaning engines, vinyl, white wall tires, stainless steel, and floors.


This product is formulated to manage dual cleaning applications. At 1 to 1 dilutions of Music City Truck Wash will manage most degreasing tasks. At a dilution of 1 to 2, Music City Truck Wash will safely manage most fleet cleaning jobs. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY ON PAINTED SURFACES. ALWAYS RINSE THOROUGHLY.