Concrete Cleaner

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Description: Concrete Cleaner is a multi-surface alkaline cleaner/degreaser that is designed to deep clean concrete, brick, lime stone, granite, EIFS, vinyl siding, shingles, awnings and fiberglass. When used on exterior surfaces, it will remove oxidation and other unwanted soils without brushing. Concrete Cleaner is most effective as an alkaline building restoration and concrete cleaner, an is prefect for use on driveways, dumpster pads, restaurant drive-throughs, and gas station surfaces. When used on concrete, Concrete Cleaner will remove carbon, oil, tire and other stains. It will brighten the concrete following removal of soils, giving a fresh look. Pair with Pro Restore 21 or full restoration of masonry surfaces. Concrete Cleaner can be used with a pressure washer, brush or low-pressure sprayer application using either hot or cold water. Protect adjacent and surrounding surfaces not intended to be cleaned.

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