Clay Away

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Description: Clay Away is a buffered formulation designed to clean masonry structures, and is particularly effective at removing unwanted post-construction mortar residue from brick, tile, block, stone, precast, grout and concrete brick. Clay Away can be used on most rough unpolished masonry surfaces. Just spray and rinse. No scrubbing is necessary. This increases square foot production and reduces labor, also reducing brick saturation from which efflorescence can result. There is minimal fuming on this buffered acidic detergent, though there is still a strong odor. It will not harm glass and anodized window frames when used as directed.

Directions: Do not run this product through pumping system or heating coils. Optimum dilution of Clay Away is 1 part to 4 parts water when applied down stream with a pressure washer. Used in a pump sprayer, mix 12 ounces of chemical to each 1 gallon of water. In hard water areas more chemical may be required. Pre-wet surface thoroughly before applying chemical to surface to be cleaned. This will allow for the chemical to work on the surface dirt and not be absorbed into a dry porous surface. Always test chemical in an 'out of the way' area. When cleaning with pressure washers, set the metering valve at desired dilution rate, and apply cleaning solution from the bottom up on a dry surface. Always detail clean from the bottom up and rinse from the top down. Do not use on glass, anodized or polished aluminum. Do not use on delicate paint. Do not allow to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly

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