Back to New Graffiti Remover

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Back to New graffiti remover is designed to lift and remove paint from porous surfaces like concrete and wood! Water-based, biodegradable, this product soaks under the surface to remove paint and shadowing left behind. To be used with hot water high pressure sprayer. Use in cold/hot or wet/dry conditions on brick, cinder block, slate, granite, stucco, and many other porous surfaces.


Add Back to New to a low-pressure, pump up sprayer or with a spray nozzle when using quart containers. Check in an inconspicuous area before you begin. Spray full strength liberally saturating the painted, porous surfaces. Wait 20-30 minutes to get the full effect of paint removal. Follow with a clean hot water high pressure washer with the best suited nozzle for your porous surface. Product will foam during removal. When foam is gone, washing is complete. For layers of old paint, re-apply Back to New and re-wash.