Aluma Bright

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Aluma Bright is designed to clean and brighten unpainted aluminum surfaces without damage (when used as directed). It will work as well in cold water as it does in hot water. Aluma Bright is designed to etch the surface of aluminum to remove the aluminum oxide that has formed. Aluma Bright is designed to remove not only the oxide, but the oil, grease, and carbon stack stain as well. This product is designed for heavy duty cleaning and is the best performing brightener in America. DO NOT RUN ALUMA BRIGHT THROUGH PUMPING SYSTEM OR HEATING COILS.


Use only with down stream injector or hand pump applicators. Set metering valve to apply this product at a dillution ratio of 1 part Aluma Bright with up to 50 parts water. Always apply acid from the bottom up on a dry surface. Detail clean from the bottom up. Rinse from the top down. DO NOT USE ON GLASS, POLISHED OR ANODIZED ALUMINUM.