150 Gal Flat Bottom Tank Without Bands

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The Flat Bottom Utility Tank can be used for many applications. It is the perfect choice when looking for a tank to put in the bed of a pickup truck. The Plastic Above Ground Water Storage Tanks are multi-purpose tanks great for: storing safe drinking water, rainwater harvesting, chemical storage, industrial & commercial applications, product storage, long term water storage, emergency potable water storage, liquid management, liquid solution storage, fire protection & farm irrigation. Translucent white tanks are excellent for contents visibility. Opaque black or green tanks protect the contents from the sun's ultraviolet rays.


8" Lid - Vented & Premium 1.5 Specific Gravity (12.5 lbs/gallon) High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ) Translucent White Weight 61 lbs w/o bands, Built-In Gallon Indicators. Approved for Potable Water WE CAN INSTALL ADDITIONAL CONNECTIONS AND ACCESSORIES ON OUR TANKS.

DESCRIPTION: 27" Width x 29" Overall Height x 43" Length